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10 Reasons Why Ilayathalapathy Vijay’s ‘Theri’ Could Be A Massive Hit!

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10 Reasons Why Ilayathalapathy Vijay’s ‘Theri’ Could Be A Massive Hit!

Recently, we came up with the top 10 reasons why Ilayathalapathy Vijay’s Theri might turn out to become one of the must-watch movies. Now, let’s take a look at the reasons why this upcoming flick could be a massive hit at the worldwide box office.

‘Theri’fic Opening Guaranteed
Theri will have a 4 day long opening weekend. Sure, a long weekend doesn’t guarantee a good opening at the box office, but a solid advance booking does. With more than 35 shows already booked in Chennai alone, the film is all set to keep the cash registers ringing throughout the weekend.

Taking Theatres By Storm
The Vijay starrer is likely to hit more than 2000 screens. In USA alone, the film will swoop into as many as 144 theatres excluding the premiere shows. In Chennai, the film will reportedly have 260 shows in multiplexes alone on its opening day. More number of shows equals more cash inflow.

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No To Tax, Yes To Cash
According to a report, Theri has been awarded the much sought after tax exemption by the government of Tamil Nadu. Hence, total gross of the movie will be its net revenue. In other words, tax exemption will bring in more profit to the investors.

Vijay’s Charm Can Do No Wrong
Vijay has a huge fan following across the world. The Puli actor, with his different get-ups, is expected to draw in scores of audiences into cinema halls.

Fans Of Sammy & Amy Are No Less
Sure, Vijay enjoys a massive fan following, but the film’s leading ladies Samantha and Amy Jackson have their own set of audiences, who can make a difference at the worldwide box office of Theri.

‘Theri’ Will Pull In Family Audiences
Make no mistake, Theri will pull in family audiences as director Atlee has promised the film will have something for all age groups. Also, the film showcases a beautiful father-daughter relationship, which will be liked by family audiences.

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Cop Stories Are Box Office Friendly
There is something about all cop stories isn’t it? It is not a secret anymore what a movie based on the life of a policeman will have to offer and yet somehow these flicks manage to score at the box office.

Amazing Star Cast
Not just the leading actors but the supporting cast of Theri too, is good enough to attract the movie buffs. Personalities like Prabhu, Radhika, Mahendran and baby Nainika can pull in moviegoers into theatres.

Holiday Season Might Help
Summer vacation have begun and what better way to enjoy the holiday season than grabbing a pack of popcorn and relax in front of the big screen?

‘Puli’ Debacle Might Actually Work In Favour
Of ‘Theri’ Since Puli was a failure at the box office, Vijay fans are eagerly waiting to make Theri a massive hit. Watch out for the initial box office collections of the film.