24 Tamil movie Review

24 Tamil movie Review

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24 Tamil movie Review

Suriya’s 24 has a science fiction thread and tries a new concept in Indian cinema. A theme that we are used to from foriegn language films and Hollywood but a new one but not the first for Indian film makers. Its the time travel thing that director Vikram Kumar is attempting and he has come out quite successful in this attempt. Appreciating his novel attempt and thereby taking a risk in the process.

But more than this time travelling theme and a fictional gadget, what that made me more impressive is the performance of Surya in that villainous role that was truly menacing matching some of the best negative characters we have seen in Tamil films.

The story has three central characters namely Dr Sethuraman who is a scientist, his twin brother Athreya and Sethuraman’s son Mani. All three characters are played by Suriya himself with totally different makeovers. An invention in the form of a time travelling watch is another thing that plays a bigger role in the plot.

Time travel to put it across to the audience is a big risk and any little slip up in the sscreenplay can bring the whole film down. Luckily, the script more or less holds together except few scenes that could not get the intended results. Vikram Kumar has smartly executed the film to make it a balanced one.

Logic takes a backseat in 24 but who cares for logic in a fictional and fantasy story. One thing that could have been avoided is an unconvincing romance between Mani and Sathya that was totally boring and out of place.

This silly romance and their combination song acted as a thorn and only helped to loose our focus of the main plot. Otherwise, 24 the movie is a good attempt for showing something fresh for our audience.

Vikram Kumar has succeeded and impressed one and all with his execution of presenting when it came to relationships and emotion. Sethuraman’s private moments with his wife and kid and Mani’s moments with his mother Sathyabama are fine examples.

Also using time travel, there are some good moments both lighter ones and serious ones which were cleverly done. Even the cricket scene though logicless as a lighter moment it was good for a laugh.

Suriya is the backbone of this film presenting not one, not two but three characters with totally different shades. He has come out with flying colours in each of the three. Though my personal favourite was Athreya I also liked and loved the other two as well. Going through a lean patch after some unsuccessful films, 24 should bring some cheers for Suriya fans.

Samantha was a miscast in my opinion. The character at the first place was not required at all and should have been added just to bring some colours that didn’t happen.

If you ask me who was the next best after Suriya, I would say without any hesitation that it was Saranya Ponvannan. As Sathyabama and mother of Mani it was a treat to watch her simple portrayal of an innocent mother. Nithya Menon as the better half of Dr.Sethuraman was able to make an impression though the role was a very small one. Rest of the actors were fine.

Cinematography was excellent and 24 the film has been helped by rich production values and impressive art works. Normally we have seen in films where double or triple roles are involved, the make up going haywire trying to distinguish the roles. But makeup for 24 was apt. Songs and background score were not upto the standards of A.R Rahman.

I cannot overlook the innovative aspect of presenting a fictional genre by Vikram Kumar in making my assessment of the film. With some interesting twists and suspense, 24 is a decent thriller that could have avoided the song and love track from its core thread.

The film is entertaining and thrilling and can be watched provided you leave your brains at home before rushing in to the cinema halls. Going with three out of five as my personal rating for 24.

Rating – 3 / 5