Adi Kapyaaray Koottamani AKK Movie Review
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Adi Kapyaaray Koottamani AKK Movie Review

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Adi Kapyaaray Koottamani AKK Movie Review

Adi Kapyaaray Koottamani AKK Movie Review: If one is to look deep down into the depth and content of “Adi Kapyaaray Koottamani”, it gives an impression of a threadbare storyline exaggerated into a two hour movie. But what makes it a watchable outing is the combo performance of Aju Varghese and Neeraj Madhav who just rocked giving the film another dimension and much needed facelift.

It all revolves around a girl who lands up in a Boys hostel locked up unable to come out of it without getting caught by anyone. A hilarious plot indeed with ample scope for some witty moments to keep things moving.

But the thing is that the story seemed too stretched for a one hundred and thirty minutes of full length film. Humour plays a huge part and what that saved the film is definitely the performance of Neeraj and Aju whose comic timing was a major highlight boosting the film from sinking.

Adding another angle and twist to the finishing stages was a good thought and it worked out nicely but still I feel it could have been better.

Friday Film House introduces John Varghese as the director, their sixth introduction into that job which is a good thing giving chances to new and talented people. John has not done badly in a weak plot that in my view would have been best as a thirty minute film.

On the performance side, as said its Neeraj Madhav and Aju Varghese who stole the show from the rest. Dhyan Sreenivasan could not make much of an impact while Vineeth Mohan looked okay. Namitha Pramod did her part as the girl locked up inside the hostel. Mukesh and and Biju Kuttan created some good laughs and on the whole their performances were notable.

Good cinematography and clean edits with an okay background score from Shaan Rahman. That song captured in a single shot was definitely a good attempt to break from the conventional way of shooting and thinking out of the box.

Overall, the film does not have a great storyline to boast about. With a wafer thin content, there is a feel of stretching things too far but the humour, witty dialogues and acting of Aju and Neeraj as Bruno and Remo respectively saves the film from a total whitewash. Its a watchable film but all at your own risk. My rating for “Adi Kapyaaray Koottamani” is two and a half out of five.

Rating – 2.5 / 5