Ann Maria Kalippilaanu Movie Review

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His fondness for catchy titles continues with his second film too. I am talking about two films old director Midhun Manuel Thomas who made his debut with Aadu Oru Beegara Jeevi Aanu and now follow it with Ann Maria Kalippilaanu. Though Aadu could not shake the box office, the success of the film later when its DVD was released have given a ray of hope for the makers to come up with a sequel to AOBJA.

Coming to Ann Maria Kalippilaanu, the film apart from the curious and catchy title has more in it and is a cool, breezy and passable entertainer which will have both the adults and kids finding it to their liking. A very simple and wafer thin story gets a good treatment mixed with light humour and moments sans any melodrama.

Ann Maria is a little girl studying in fourth standard and has a passion and dream for winning a medal in long jump. But someone stands in her way of achieving that dream. The film narrate how she achieves it and what comes in her way as a helping hand.

As I said, the plot is quite simple and at the same time a threadbare one. Midhun has balanced the film adding all the right mix of factors and ingredients to make the film a watchable one with lot of positivity and feel good factors. At times, our sensible side of the brain can question things but being a film primarily focused on grown ups as well as kids too, we need to leave the logic part aside.

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Comedy is apt and not done excessively. When situations need to be told seriously, film takes total turn from a light approach to a serious tone. There is a balance between everything and some issues that we see in and around us like marital discomfort among young couples and problems faced by school children also gets a reference.

Sara Arjun has expressed herself remarkably well even with her voice being dubbed. Credits to both Sara and the girl who has dubbed it to perfection to make the character looked and sound to be natural and effective. Sunny Wayne as Poombaatta Girish had a light role that had humour to do along with some action too. He was up to it and and combined well with Aju Varghese to create some genuine laughs.

Sidhique as usual left his trademark style in presenting the character of Baby that appeared at the halfway mark. The scene where he goes sentimental while recollecting his past bringing his daughter’s case into picture was a classic case of the range the actor possessed.


Saiju Kuruppu and Leona Lishoy appeared in the roles of parents to Annmariya and both of them were never found wanting at any place. Shine Tom Chacko and the baddie character of David (not sure of his name) were also nice. Sethulakshmy, Biju Kuttan and Dharmajan also have little but effective roles to play. Loved the cameo played by Dulquer Salman which added some more life and fun into the film.

Decent work with the camera and pretty neat cuts too without affecting the flow. Music side is good too which was handled by Shaan Rahman. Background score helped in creating the right mood for each and every scene.

There are any dull moments in this film even if the ingredients added are sometimes more suited for children. No element of boredom and that means you can enjoy and get entertained watching this light hearted and simple film.

Rating – 3 / 5

by Chandra Mohan Gopinath


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