Bollywood actor Sunny Deol about film actors dancing at weddings

Bollywood actor Sunny Deol about film actors dancing at weddings

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Bollywood actor Sunny Deol about film actors dancing at weddings

Bollywood actor Sunny Deol about film actors dancing at weddings : “You lose dignity when you dance at others’ weddings. Though it has now become a fashion, but I believe that one loses self-respect. We are actors, not people doing ‘tamasha’.”

“An actor is known for acting, and not for doing all these things. If invited, you go to a wedding, wish the couple, but not beyond that”, said Deol, while replying to questions from Rajat Sharma in the show Aap Ki Adalat, to be telecast on India TV tonight.

On his famous spat with co-actor Shahrukh Khan in the film ‘Darr’, Sunny Deol narrated how out of anger, the pockets of his jeans burst at the seams after he had put both his fists inside.

“I was doing the role of a Naval Marine Commando. There was the scene where Shahrukh is attacking me with a knife. I objected saying how could a commando, who is always trained to deal with such attacks, be attacked with a knife, particularly when he is looking at the attacker.”

“I had an argument over this with the director (Yash Chopra), he was a veteran, I respect him a lot. In sheer anger, I had put both my clenched fists inside the pockets of my jeans, and the pockets burst. I was not speaking at all, but I myself could not understand what was happening to me. Some people on the sets fled on seeing my anger.”

Asked by Rajat Sharma whether his tiff with Shahrukh Khan still continues, Sunny Deol replied: “It’s not that I stopped speaking to him. But I do cut off on my own. Normally I hardly attend parties and events. We are colleagues, but we do not have much interaction.”

On being portrayed as an angry action hero in most of his films, Sunny Deol agreed that he had acquired this image over the years. “Definitely, the characters that I have often portrayed relate to one who is angry for his family, for his girlfriend, for his friend, for his brother”.

On his anti-Pakistan roles in the films Border and Gadar, Sunny Deol said, “The film Border was based on a true event during the war, but people then start to personalize. In none of my films, I ever made any remarks against Pakistan per se. I meet many Pakistanis at airports and abroad, they love me. Only a handful of people create misconceptions.”

Asked by Rajat Sharma whether his father veteran actor Dharmendra didn’t get due recognition from Bollywood film industry, Sunny Deol replied: “What can the film industry give to a great actor like him? We are actors. We get our due from the people. No other actor can buy his way into the hearts of people, the respect that my Papa commanded. The wealth that he acquired in the hearts of people is greater than all the awards. Anyway, I do not go to award functions at all.”

On his latest film ‘Ghayal once Again” releasing February 5, Deol said, this film was originally planned as a sequel to the blockbuster Ghayal nearly 26 years ago.

Asked about the delay, Sunny Deol said, “first Raj Kumar Santoshi brought a producer, who left. Then I myself became the writer and director. This sequel is the results of the toil I undertook for last two years. I know, society has changed a lot in the last 26 years, but I hope, any mother, or brother or child can relate to the characters on seeing this sequel