Captain America: Civil War Movie Review

Captain America: Civil War Movie Review

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Captain America: Civil War Movie Review

STORY: Tony Stark (Downey Jr.) and Steve Rogers have a difference of opinion over the Sokovia Accords, created by the United Nations, that seeks to create a governing body for the Avengers. Stark is in favour while Rogers prefers them to be free to act on their own instincts and thoughts. A series of events involving a multitude of superheroes from the Marvel Universe, intrigue and different kinds of motivation, leads to a clash between Iron Man and Captain America, among others.

REVIEW: Without giving away anything that might spoil this treat for Marvel and superhero fans, let’s just say that Captain America: Civil War is essentially like a battle royale between superheroes like you’ve never seen before. And in a way that doesn’t bludgeon your senses into numb submission, like some other superhero films we’ve seen of late.
The Russo duo has managed to handle this ensemble cast of superheroes and their personalities with a certain deftness of touch that has to be seen to be believed. Black Panther, Spiderman, Captain America, Black Widow, Winter Soldier… well, pretty much all of them put in some seriously convincing performances. Downey Jr’s Stark-isms have been dialed down here, allowing us to get a glimpse of his real side, as being more than just a one-liner machine. But truth be told, it is Evans who steals the show. Enough said.

As for the action and cinematography, one word – amazing. The climax action sequence at Leipzig/Halle airport is something that might just leave you breathless. It is 17 minutes long (that’s right) and is straight up the stuff of legend. And no, entire cities and buildings need not be leveled to make a good group fight scene.

Rogers’ mistrust regarding new-world values (compared to the time he was from) is nicely explored. His unwillingness to compromise on his code is seen to great effect. There is darkness, there is depth, but the important thing is that the element of fun is also most definitely present. Oh and needless to say, don’t miss Stan Lee’s cameo and do stay for the post-credits scene.

Rating 4/5