Charlie Not In 63rd National Film Awards Race

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Charlie Not In 63rd National Film Awards Race

Martin Prakkat, the director confirmed that Charlie was not included in the list, as the team was unaware of the submission date. Even though the team approached the authorities again; but couldn’t include Charlie. The Charlie team is quite disappointed about missing the National Awards race. The team members thought that the movie should be submitted for National Film Awards, after the State Award results; but it was wrong. The movie has bagged 8 awards in the Kerala State Film Awards, including the trophies for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Art direction, Best Cinematographer, etc.

A disappointing news for Malayalam film lovers had come as Charlie, directed by Martin Prakkat and starred by Dulquer Salmaan is not taking part in the national award race. The film which had won the most number of State film award is not a part of National Award selection as per reports. The reports says that it was because the team behind the film had not submitted the film for the national award selection process before the last date of receiving submission. They thought that a film can be submitted before the jury of national award selection only after the declaration of state awards. So they waited to declare the state awards and the time was over.

They tried their best later contacting many people for an exemption. But nothing materialized. The film had got 8 awards in state film awards such as best actor, actress, director, script writer, art director, camera man, costume designer etc. Now, the team behind the film is in big disappointment as they missed the chance to compete in the National award race.