Darwintey Parinaamam Movie Review

Darwintey Parinaamam Movie Review

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Darwintey Parinaamam Movie Review

Darwintey Parinaamam Movie Review : A movie can sell like a hot cake these days in Mollywood if it has the sheer presence of this actor. Thats what the results of his films from the last couple of years or so indicate .Even with average to above average scripts, Pritviraj is able to deliver and pull off winners at the box office with his aura. Now the question was how long he could carry that magic into this winning formula and how long the sustainability factor will play a major factor in this success spree.

Darwintey Parinaamam Movie Review
Darwintey Parinaamam Movie Review

Well it seems the success wave may or may not find a temporary stop here. His latest release Darwinte Parinaamam too has most of the key factors inevitable for a film to succeed. Though not the best of his recent flicks, if this movie is going to do good business, the major factor for that would be the actor’s recent form. I am not taking any credit from the DP team but its a fact.


Directed by Jijo Antony whose debut outing (Konthayum Poonoolum) didn’t quite set the cash register ringing at the box office, Darwintey Parinaamam has that presence of Pritviraj in a positive way along with lot of humour, some notable action sequences and also family sentiments to exploit the mood and taste of the audience.

The story tells the transformation of an antagonist. Thats what the tag line also says. Who is transforming and how the transformation takes place is what the film show us that is primarily focused on two characters namely Gorilla Darwin played by Chemban Vinod and Anil Anto portrayed by Prithviraj.

Jijo has tried to give a different sort of treatment to the revenge drama mixing light humour with a serious tone. A decent but lagging first half gets a different energy in the post intermission portion with a heavily choreographed action sequence towards the end puts the curtain down for the film. Its an average screenplay that Jijo himself is part of.

Pritviraj was missing a mass hero image in the recent times but that void is somewhat filled here. The character of Anil Anto is a normal human being, a common man we see in our daily life. He also is given a mass makeover at certain critical moments performing larger than life stunt sequences. In both these avatars, he looked totally in control.

Chemban Vinod had a meaty role to play this time as Gorilla Darwin and he did total justice to that role bringing out a mass stuff in style. Soubin Shahir was in the same form that we all see him these days. Chandini as Amala was a good casting as the better half of Anil Anto. Sudhy Kopa, Shammi Thilakan, Dharmajan, Hareesh, Thesni Khan and Mamukoya had a memorable outing among the supporting actors.

Technically, the film stood out with neat camera work. Background score by debutant Shanker Sharma was something that made a good impression and gelled well with each and every scene. Songs were just okay.

Without much expectation, this movie is a one time watchable one and to make it a success, Darwintey Parinaamam would be banking heavily on the Prithviraj factor. It was an average experience and would go with two and a half out of five as the rating for DP.

Rating – 2.5 / 5


Review by Chandra Mohan