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Dilwale movie review – Dilwale Movie Review Rating Audience Response

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Dilwale movie review

One could easily identify the zone where director Rohit Shetty belongs if we are to take a quick glance through all of his films for which he has wielded the megaphone. Famous for mass masala entertainers, it would be foolish of anyone to expect something classy even if its a love story bringing back one of Bollywood’s greatest romantic pair into their safe zone.

His latest film Dilwale is no different either . Following a similar tone of his previous flicks, this SRK starrer apart from the massy substance on offer and also the nostalgic factor suffer from bad writing and poor presentation.

On the nostalgic factor mentioned above, I was referring to the lead pair of Sharukh Khan and Kajol who were last seen together five years back in “My Name is Khan”. Their onscreen chemistry doesn’t need any endorsement from anyone now since they are a proven pair sharing unbeatable onscreen chemistry. But sad to say that they could not save the film and their chemistry was very limited and the blame baggage should definitely go to the director here.

The story has romance between Raj and Meera that is more than a decade old. We are taken fifteen years back on how they met and fall for each other. The whole plot is built around two underground mafia gang lead by actors Kabir Bedi and Vinod Khanna. Into the present, we also have youngster Varun Dhawan (brother of Raj) with his romantic track that was far from convincing either.

Dilwale begins on a shaky note with the first one hour just wandering about without much excitement introducing the audience to various characters and of course the flash back part of the storyline.

Rohit was able to bring about some element of life into the film after the initial one hour infusing energy through action, comedy and songs shot in a colourful way. Those are all areas in which he is an expert. But the overall packaging and writing cannot save Dilwale from sinking.

Talking about comedy, it did not work out completely well with some of the jokes falling apart without any impact while some could evoke good laughter. The thing is we had comedians Johny Lever, Sanjay Mishra and Boman Irani partly in a negative role to make us laugh. If the writing lets down the film, what can these actors do!!

One could never expect the magic of DDLJ and the magical screen presence of the lead pair to do wonders again. As a romantic entertainer, Dilwale suffer mainly due to a badly written screenplay with a no substance storyline. I am disappointed though I was not expecting a miracle from Rohit Shetty to show something special. The rating is two out of five.

Rating – 2 / 5

Dilwale Movie Review Rating Audience Response

Dilwale movie review

Critics’ verdict of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol starrer “Dilwale” is out and according to them, the film is a must watch for the lead stars.”Dilwale”, directed by Rohit Shetty, marks the comeback of Bollywood’s most romantic jodi ― Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. According to critics, the film relies mostly on Shah Rukh and Kajol’s chemistry.Shetty’s “Dilwale” is an entertaining film that will not disappoint moviegoers, critics said. “Dilwale” has Shah Rukh-Kajol’s romance and Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon’s charm with a pinch of Shetty’s love for blowing cars.The romantic-action movie has been shot in beautiful locations, and the songs strengthen the storyline further, critics said.

Dilwale live audience review

Sumit kadel ‏@Sumitrajkadel

Watched #Dilwale-First of all I would like to congratulate Rohit shetty for outdoing Himself in #Dilwale. His best direction till date. First Half of #Dilwale has a nice pace with rib tickling comedy [email protected] Entry scene with johny lever is outstanding. The story line took pace just before interval with lots of twist n turns.Second half is equally good.Acting of Srk kajol is mind blowing. Last 20 mins of the film is designed for Hard-core family audience and they are going to love [email protected] @kriringa did an awesome job. Overall #Dilwale is twice better den CE.Good family drama with loads of comedy action & drama. M not a critic. But il give dilwale 3.5 */5

Taran Adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

#Dilwale delivers King-sized entertainment. Treat for SRK-Kajol fans. My review: http://bit.ly/1QsuTcR

KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan

Finally it’s interval n #Dilwale is full on family masala but entertaining film. One has to leave his brain outside the theatre to watch it.

Faraaz Mohamed ‏@frz_aju

DILWALE -A Complete Entertainment !! Full on masti drama|Comedy|Power pack and Realistic action |Romance|Suspense thriller❤ cont.#Dilwale

Sree Prasad Nair ‏@i_spn

Varun Dhawan @Varun_dvn is slowly slowly emerging as the next Salman Khan of Bollywood. Amazing screen presence. Smart One-liners #Dilwale Only Rohit Shetty can direct such SHITTY stunts. ERRR!!!!! #Dilwale SRK-Kajol messing up everything in #Dilwale. Only saving grace is Varun and to some extend Kriti #Dilwale #Interval So far #Dilwale is a big disappointment. Predictable with same old lover boy SRK revenge story. Only saving grace is Varun Dhawan. SRK is doing 1 film per year. Then why can’t he choose a good script? Same lover boy image… Same revenge boy. Tired and Boring!!! #Dilwale Hahahahaha talking to each other after 15 years with a song, and yes there’s rain Wah Rohit Shetty? #Dilwale You gotta feel for Varun. Such a sincere and winning performance spoiled by boring story. #Dilwale Yes! Some love stories will never end! It will force many to leave the cinema hall and escape before the climax. #Dilwale #Dilwale Weakest film of Rohit Shetty, Poor script. But the hype & SRK-Kajol, Varun presence will give a bountiful weekend and a chance @ BO

A. Dreamer. ‏@Beeros75

Loved the action sequences, Truly fascinating! totally professional way more than i imagined, Hollywood must take note here #Dilwale @iamsrk #Kajol is magnificent. in every way, her talent is pouring, so natural& a true emotion monster on screen! What a COME BACK Her eyes dialogues with yours stunned me. i cried with you and laughed. The love strains took me,i felt so close to you in #Dilwale Too good the direction, the locations, picturesque and colorful. #Dilwale introduced me to @Varun_dvn And i loved his energy! He added so much to his role, simple and yet profound! Hats off to him What a beauty you are @kritisanon! Standing her ground beside mega acting superpowers like you&Kajol really impressive! Everyone did amazing! Jonny lever cracked the hell outta me! Sanjay mishra, @varunsharma90 All #Dilwale Team touched my heart.. Every twist, every camera still is art in motion. You took your viewers into your heart and how i loved Kaali..Well done #Dilwale The Comedy was so farce like, natural and light heartening, the story line is the key note here, dramatically intriguing! Music and songs brewed in, u and kajol must not stop acting together cos you get each other well and she fills your screen.

Aditya Anil ‏@Aditya7Dhoni

Just watched #Dilwale and can say its just fabulous. Total family entertainer with comedy, action, beautiful songs and love. 4.5/5 @iamsrk

Muhammed Ariff ‏@muthusubanya

#Dilwale interval!!! Okayish!! Big drawback is we can pridict next scenes and twist easily!! Kajol Sharuk as usual rocks but rohit #Dilwale comedy scenes #Dilwale post interval 30 minutes!!!! Poor comedy like 1970 s….boring!!! Rohit bhai #Dilwale Rohit vachi chennjitan #Dilwale completed!!! Predictable up to the ends!! Poor comedy!! Water thin story line..expected lot!! Disappointed!! Wakeup Rohit bhai!!! #Dilwale watch it only for Kajol and Sharuk romance and chemistry!!! That too very few scenes!!! Balance crap!! Go with less expectation.

Sidhu ‏@sidhuwrites

#Dilwale Interval: Your flashy Bollywood biggie which is both filmy and fake. Not expecting anything new, yet this is barely engaging. #Dilwale: What a colossal mess. Rohit Shetty tries his hand at a family dramedy which is neither funny nor serious. Need to unwatch this. #Dilwale: Nothing interesting all over, just plain predictable drama with tons of rushed clichés and contrivances. Watch at your own risk.