director Priyadarshan Is Still In Love With Lissy!

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director Priyadarshan Is Still In Love With Lissy!

Priyadarshan, the veteran director is still very much in love with his ex-wife Lissy. In the recent interview given to Grihalakshmi, Priyadarshan shared the loving memories of his life with Lissy. The director remarks that the years he spent with Lissy and their kids was the best time of his life. Lissy was a perfect wife and daughter-in-law, for Priyadarshan and his family.

Priyadarshan with Lissy

According to Priyadarshan, it was a small ego clash between the couple, which led to the divorce. The director gives the complete credits of his successful career to Lissy, who was his pillar of strength. He feels that Lissy is a fantastic mother to their kids. She taught them the value of relationships and money. She had never bothered him during the shooting schedules and managed everything on her own. She was willing to give husband his own space and freedom. His late parents were also really fond of Lissy and had always stated that others should learn discipline from her. He states that still they respect each other a lot, despite all the issues happened. he has still preserved the name board of their house, which had both of their names, very preciously.