Happy Wedding Movie Review

Happy Wedding Movie Review

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Happy Wedding Movie Review

Happy Wedding doesn’t make you big time happy but at the same time it doesn’t make you sad or disappointed either. A funny entertainer that doesn’t care for anything on the logical side, this film directed by debut ant Omar Lulu is a passable one provided the baggage of expectation is nowhere near you.

I wasn’t prepared to watch the film on the very first day as another movie was on my list for Friday and Happy Wedding was on my agenda only for the weekend. An unexpected cancellation of that film forced me to watch Happy Wedding, a day earlier but I don’t have any regrets of losing my time and money after watching this flick.

Its not a great film with standard jokes and humour that will stay on your minds for a lengthy period of time. But the film has something in it with light hearted comedies to tickle the funny side of our bone. That makes it a one time watchable entertainer with the least of expectation.

The film is mainly targeted at the youth audience and has three central characters named Hari, Robin and Tyson who are engineering graduates. The story focus on their funny side and takes us to their college days through a flash back part and gets back to the present with some fun filled moments that would not make one bored.

Its not a common thing in comedy films to have twists which are normally a part of suspense thrillers. But here in Happy Wedding some unexpected twist in a humorous way lighten up things. The film distributed by Eros has given platform for many youngsters to make their mark both on the acting side as well as the technical department.

Director Omar Lulu being a first timer has done a decent job with the screenplay that is written by another set of new comers Maneesh and Praneesh. Light hearted comedy film with a new generation flavour has a certain pattern and way of telling the story and Happy Wedding just follow that format without trying anything different.

Certain dialogues with double meaning could have been avoided. Slight draggness is felt towards the initial stages but later on the pace picks up momentum. Some of the performances were not that impressive adding to the list of factors on the downward side.

One thing that strike you first when you look at the promos and posters of this film is the presence of Soubin Shahir, Sharaf U Dheen and Siju Wilson. Who can forget these actors who all played a major part in making the film Premam a blockbuster. Happy Wedding brings back these actors again and they had a good chemistry between them making their combination scenes very lively and entertaining.

The pick of the lot was Sharaf U Dheen who with his one liners and peculiar mannerisms took total control of the comedy part. The character had shades of Girirajan Kozhi completely but it was a treat watching him with his counter dialogues and one liners. Soubin was not far either and made us laugh with his usual style. Siju Wilson played the role of Hari without much trouble. Then there is Justin John who too was part of Premam and here he was acting as Tyson, one of the youth among the trio and he fitted perfectly into the gang.

All the heroines are new to me and we have three or four of them without much importance. Couple of them were okay while the rest were below par. Saiju Kurup, Sudhy Kopa, Shivaji Guruvayoor, Thesni Khan and Aby are also part of the cast.

Cinematography was just about okay while editing was not bad. Songs weren’t that impressive while the background score was passable.

Overall, this film projected as a fun film and a logical entertainer has shaped quite well into a passable and watchable one. The primary purpose of Happy Wedding is to make you entertain through a hilarious fun ride and the team behind this venture have succeeded in that objective to a certain extent. The rating is three out of five for Happy Wedding.

Rating – 3 / 5

Review By : Chandra Mohan