Jo and the Boy Trailer
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Jo and the Boy Trailer

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Jo and the Boy Trailer – Jo and the Boy Trailer

Jo and the Boy Trailer

Jo And The Boy is a comedy movie from the ‘Philips and the Monkey’ movie directer Rojin Thomas.Manju Warrier has carved a niche for herself in the film industry by portraying character based roles, the latest being Jo and the Boy.The film is being directed by Rojin Thomas, the director of Philip and Monkey Pen. Manju will be seen playing a prominent role in the film, along with Master Sanoop.While the shooting of the film has been started in Kodaikanal, the other part of the film will be shot in Ladakh. Lalu Alex, Pearle Maaney will also be part of the film.

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Jo and the Boy Trailer Launch Photos


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