Kapoor and sons

Kapoor and sons hindi movie review

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Kapoor and sons hindi movie review

Its not an ordinary family drama. Kapoor & Sons directed by Shakun Batra will emotionally touch you and also makes for an intense watch. The story has depth in it, the screenplay is properly structured without any melodrama and the emotions are quite real making this movie a much watch one.
Rahul and Arjun are brothers settled abroad. Both are writers. While the former is successful as a writer and has achieved fame, the latter is still at an early stage and quite struggling to make a mark. They are forced to come back home at a place in Ootty where their grand father and parents also stay. A heart attack to Kapoor Senior (their Dadu) forced the duo to come back to India.

Kapoor and Sons look
Kapoor and Sons look

The film focus on the dysfunctional Kapoor family, the inner struggles they pass through after the brothers return and also portray various secrets within the characters and fights the family is facing.
With the right mix of emotions and drama, Kapoor and Sons has blended the screenplay quite well with solid characters and lively dialogues. Every conversation that happen within the family has no artificiality to it and make one feel as if they are so real and natural. So naturally we feel so close to the plot and also make us deep rooted towards each of the Kapoor family member.
If you look at the story, its easily identifiable as one which has been told many times before but Shakun Batra had a brilliant screenplay at his disposal that made sure that no cliches that we normally see in such dramas pops up in the mind of the audience.
The romance where Alia becomes part of initially gave a feel of a normal love triangle that would end up in a predictable fashion. But it is not so. Thats something positive as these days, its too hard to make a safe landing when it comes to romance and love genre.
Shakun Batra has shown remarkable improvement from Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu days and here in Kapoor & Sons which is his second project as a director, he has shown mastery, class and control over the total scheme of things. He made sure that the drama doesn’t go overboard and run out of hands ruining the party.
When it came to the acting, it seems each of the actors were competing to be the best. It was a treat to watch the five main actors around whom the film broadly takes its shape.
Pakistani actor Fawad Khan for whom this is the second Bollywood movie after Khoobsurat impressed one and all bringing out the perfect feel that demanded for the character of Rahul. The revelations towards the end on his identity meant he had a challenging role and it was appreciable that he took this role upon himself inspite of the negativity in it. Sidharth Malhotra did the character of Arjun and he played perfect foil to Fawad as the younger brother.
Ratna Pathak Shah was in her elements as Sunitha, mother to Rahul and Arjun. When she was in the frame either in a single shot or in a combination scene, it was hard to take one’s eye off from her. Such was the perfection she displayed on screen. Rajat Kapoor as her husband was also notable with his effort.
Alia Bhat who later joins the party as Tia didn’t have a major role to enact but played her part but this character had a feel of repetition when we think about some of her previous roles. But still it was not a bad effort at all.
Last but not the least, veteran actor Rishi Kapoor with that heavy and prosthetic makeup just stole the show from the rest. It was hard to emote and bring out various emotions with those thing on the face but with his mannerisms and dialogue delivery, he kept things simple and made sure the audience had a special place in their heart for Dadu.
Whoever has done the camera work has done a splendid job giving a rich and vibrant feel to the frames. The colour pattern used was also notable. Coming to the cuts, I should say Kapoor and Sons is one of the perfectly edited film. While you watch the film you would know this remark appreciating the editor’s work is fully justified. Not so good songs but nevertheless the BGM was apt for the drama.
Overall, Kapoor & Sons makes up for a compelling watch and makes all leaving the cinema halls a happy lot though the proceedings that unfold towards the final thirty minutes are mostly serious stuff. Going with four out of five with my thumb finger pointed towards the upward position for Shakun, his team and of course Kapoor & his sons.
Rating – 4 / 5

Review by Chandra Mohan