Karinkunnam Sixes Movie Review

Karinkunnam Sixes Movie Review

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We have seen many impressive movies with any of the sporting activity occupying the central theme. These films provide lot of inspiration and majority of them turns out to be motivational ones barring a very few. Director Deepu Karunakaran’s Karinkunnam Sixes is a Sports movie that has the game of Volleyball as its pivotal plot. Though the game part is highly predictable and similar to many of the movies that have come out in this genre before, the writing and making side has made it a watchable film by infusing good amount of tension and drama at the right and appropriate time.

There is a character played by Anoop Menon who wants to popularise the game of Volleyball. His idea is a Volleyball Premier League, just like we have the twenty-twenty league of cricket. He feels there is an unexplored market for this game and seeks the support of a Corporate firm to realise his dream of making Volleyball a popular and mass game.
But little did he know that the task is not that easy as the challenge before him is numerous. At some stage of the film, he has to move apart and his wife Vandana had to take charge and develop a team from scratches and that too people who are jail inmates. What are the circumstances that prompted her to take such a drastic move and what are the various threats and challenges she had to overcome form part of all the drama in Karinkunnam Sixes.

Actually if you take the whole plot and do an analysis, you will know that there is nothing fresh on the treatment part. The film follow a similar pattern that all sports related movies have in common. So the forming of the team, the threats in different forms, other challenges in front of the coach and the conflicts within the team are all we have seen. The different angle here comes in the form of jail inmates forming part of the team.
We can easily guess that the team here is definitely going to win the cup and it was a matter of time for that to happen. The tensions and dramas that form part of the story is what that makes the difference here and putting the film on a safe zone.
This is by far the best work of Deepu Karunakaran. Even though on the making side, there is still scope for some freshness as the director still has that old school making touch, you can never complain about the end result of the film. Its a one time watchable film that has its ups and downs.
Manju Warrier plays Vandana the Volleyball coach in a cool and comfortable fashion bringing good amount of tension and emotion on her face with success. Anoop Menon has very limited role and whatever he had to do was performed as per the demands of the character.
Now to the actors who formed part of the Volleyball team. Babu Antony is the leader of the pack and he played his part well. Sudev who won the State Best Actor award couple of years back plays another player and then there is Gregory and Baiju who handled the humour side. Padmaraj Ratheesh gets sidelined while Santhosh Keezhattoor did make his presence felt. The best of the lot was Sudheer Karamana. There is one more guy in the team whose name I am not aware of.

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Nandu as one of the jail inmates along with Suraj Venjaramudu and Sreejith Ravi as police officers were very much notable with their convincing acts in front of the camera. Major Ravi and Syamaprasad along with Manian Pillai Raju have small but important roles to play at some stages of the film.
Close to eighty percent of the film involve the gaming part. So a high degree of skill is required to make this portion highly energetic and real without loosing the essence of the game. Both cinematography and editing needs utmost care and skill to successfully show it convincingly. I would say both these departments have rose up to the challenge before them and whoever has done these jobs deserve special mention. Background score helped to get the necessary feel and tensions of the matches.


Karikunnam Sixes is not a great sports movie but it has its moments. All films in this genre follow a similar style of narration and this one from Deepu Karunakaran too follow a similar treatment. But in spite of this familiar template and also the predictable nature of the whole story along with the flaws in the making, Karinkunnam Sixes is a watchable film that can be given a try.

Rating – 3 / 5

by Chandra Mohan Gopinath