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Ki and Ka Hindi movie Review

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Ki and Ka Hindi movie Review

Ki and Ka Hindi movie Review : Gone are the days in a family where men had to earn the daily bread while women are confined to their home in the role of a homemaker. Atleast in films there is some change to the age old tradition followed in our country. R.Balki’s Ki & Ka challenges the so called notion of gender responsibility placed upon men and women in the present day Indian society. Content wise, this film thinks out of the box with something fresh to tell. But the film has not succeeded in presenting this unconventional and unorthodox plot in a remarkable fashion.

The film has a role reversal theme where the husband Kabeer played by Arjun Kapoor dons the role of a homemaker while his wife Kia (Kareena Kapoor) earns the family’s income through a job. The plot captures the chaos that ensues after this role reversal happen once the two decided to get married in totally different format where its the female who ties the mangalsutra on her husband.

The freshness in the theme is the biggest highlight of Ki & Ka but when it came to the execution and writing part, Balki could not thicken the plot and develop it into an exciting product.
For a change you can say the basic storyline is something novel and untested before in Indian movies but the exciting part of this film ends here. There is boredom creeping in and how the film takes its shape running on egoistic and jealous attitude of one of the partner when one gets all the attention is something we have seen very often.

As a oneliner, Ki and Ka holds enough promise but the lack of solid development in the plot makes the film travel on the downward platform.

Kareena Kapoor bring life to her character very well and it was a cool performance from the actress this time. She has dual shades to the character of Kia and both of them were safe in her hands. Arjun Kapoor couldn’t quite match upto the standards of Kareena but it was an okay act.
The film has very little number of supporting actors as the entire running time is focused on the two title protagonist and their interesting family life. Still two names in a very little role made their presence felt. Rajith Kapur and Swaroop Sampath as father and mother to Kabeer and Kia respectively did their brief supporting acts quite well.

Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan act as themselves in a cameo and their scenes along with the combination shot with Arjun Kapoor was a bright spot.

P.C.Sreeram’s camera work was notable and was an added bonus to make the viewing experience in terms of visual experience a bright one. Background score is composed by maestro Ilayaraja and true to his class he has given matching tunes to suite each and every scene. Songs with the visuals and situations were okay. Credit to the art department for that train background where the couple live which was something interesting.

The bottom line here is this film other than the presence of an interesting and refreshing concept along with an honest effort from its lead actress has nothing more in it. Once the initial euphoria settle in, the film starts its downward journey just like how the marriage between the two couples developed. At best this film is an average outing and will go with two and a half out of five with the hope that Balki takes more care into his screenplay next time.

Rating – 2.5 / 5
review by Chandra Mohan