Kochavva Paulo Ayyappa Coelho Movie Review
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Kochavva Paulo Ayyappa Coelho Movie Review

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I cannot remember a movie in the recent past that made my eyes wet. Sidhartha Siva’s curiously titled Kochavva Paulo Ayyappa Coelho had many emotional and sentimental scenes forcing my eyes to shed tears. The movie is beautiful and simple. At the same time it is inspiring as well as a motivational tonic with a good message in it.

Ayyappa Das fondly called Appu is the central character around which the whole plot is built. The little boy has a dream of travelling in a plane and the movie takes us to a remote village in Idukki where rest of the plot unravel. Whether he can achieve his long cherished dream is shown in KPAC with lot of sincerity.

Those who have followed the career of the director will know what kind of movie he makes. It will have a minimum standard in it with values attached. He has a knack of telling simple stories with a simple narrative. KPAC is no exception but the difference from his earlier movies here is the presence of little dose of the so called commercial flavour in it making it a pleasing movie watching experience for any class of audience. I for one have watched a couple of his earlier flicks and at the same time unfortunately missed a couple. The making style is simple and straightforward, very much common in his movies which has become a trademark style for him.

The story as such isn’t that heavy but it is the presence of lighter and emotional scenes that have helped in conveying the right mood and elevating the movie to the next level. If you have a dream and is passionate and honest about it, the whole world and even the nature will stand with you for realising that dream. This thought is often stressed and quoted in the movie on numerous occasions by Kochavva, the character played by Kunjacko Boban. Kochavva reference this quote to Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelo and his novel The Alchemist.

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In KPAC, Ayyappa Das is ready to go to any extreme to make sure his dream one day turned into a reality. The plot connect this thread to a sporting activity and that’s how the characters of Kochavva and Ayyappa Das gets involved with each other. Infact, this aspect is delivered in a convincing and believable format. Certain things which I cannot reveal at this point can be questioned considering the practicality of the situation, those things can be ignored considering the noble cause and values for which the movie stand out.

Kunjacko Boban played the character of Kochavva and have come out in flying colours. His character is an innocent person who is very sincere at heart and cannot withstand the pain and helplessness of others. The actor has done what he was supposed to do in the best possible way. Nedumudy Venu, KPAC Lalitha, Suraj Venjaramudu, Muthumani, Irshad, Muthumani, Aju Varghese and Mukesh were the actors who impressed me among the supporting actors. Some had meaty roles while others like Mukesh and Irshad didn’t had a major part to play but nevertheless acted their part in a neat fashion. Anusree as the female lead was okay in a brief role.


The movie is incomplete without Master Rudraksh who enacted the role of Ayyappa Das. He was so natural that it didn’t look like he was acting. With due respect to all the actors and their performances in KPAC, I would say Rudraksh was the best for me in the movie with the way he has expressed himself supported by his natural dialogue delivery. (I assume he has dubbed himself)

Dialogues, performance and background score are three areas that have immensely helped the film to achieve a positive end result. Touching and emotional scenes as I said before makes you sentimentally attached to the film. Bijipal has given a score that aided in lifting the spirit especially in the critical scenes. Visuals of the village in a background surrounded by nature added extra value to the movie and all credits for that goes to Neil D’Cunha the cameraman. Songs were also have come out well tuned by Shaan Rahman and Sooraj S Kurup.

Udaya Pictures considered to be the first production house of Malayalam film industry makes a return to production through Kunjacko Boban after nearly three decades of hiatus and have wisely chosen a project which no one can complain about. Return on investment is a different thing but the quality of the film have not been compromised here. Based on the satisfaction it gave to me, I am going with four out of five and a thumbs up to Sidhartha Siva and his team.

Rating – 4 / 5

by Chandra Mohan Gopinath

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