Miruthan tamil movie review
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Miruthan tamil movie review

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Miruthan tamil movie review

Miruthan tamil movie review : Zombie thrillers are not new to Indian audience. We have been watching a lot of them coming directly from Hollywood. We even had our first Zombie film in 2013 when Bollywood came up with Saif Ali Khan starrer Go Goa Gone. Now, how can the Tamil movie industry lag behind as they have come up with their own version of a Zombie film that in all respects is a pretty engaging thriller in the form of “Miruthan”.

Karthik (Jeyam Ravi) works in the traffic department. He is not too keen to take up postings that involves high tension since that will put him in a spot of bother in his duty towards looking after his young sister..

A deadly virus outbreak from a chemical manufacturing company makes people zombies after they are bitten by people already infected. The situation becomes alarming and out of control. Karthik somehow gets involved into this as he plays a vital part in helping a team of doctors to find the antibody to fight the virus.

Its a very short movie of just hundred and six minutes of running time. Never will it make you bored as the film runs at a pretty decent pace right from the start till it ends. Of course there are certain things that defies logic and also there are few flaws in the execution. But on an overall perspective, Miruthan is a watchable thriller.

The entire first half is evenly paced and is quite engaging. Its the second half that looses the momentum somewhere but everything gets recouped in the final stages and the film ends on a good note without disappointment.

One area where there was scope for improvement was in the graphics part. Also little more care should have been given to the looks / make up of Zombies. Barring these aspects and a low profile middle segment, Miruthan directed by Shakti Soundar Rajan is a thriller that has a soul in it.

Jayam Ravi brings life into the character of Karthik and carry almost the entire film on his shoulders. Baby Anikha and Kali Venkat support Ravi effectively. Lekshmi Menon in a poorly written character could not make any presence at all. Her half baked romance with Jayam Ravi’s character was a total washout.

Music played a big part in the success of Miruthan. Both the songs as well as BGM was able to create the feel suitable for each and every scene.Credit goes to the man behind the music scene, Imman.

You can definitely try this film as it is a watchable thriller. A first for South Indian films to experiment this genre, the attempt is to be lauded at the first place. Hoping that this team comes out improving on the quality side as well as covering up the lapses in this movie in the sequel which they are planning to roll out soon. I am going with three out of five for Miruthan tamil movie review.

Rating – 3 / 5