When monsoon casts its spell on Mollywood

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When monsoon casts its spell on Mollywood

Every Malayali would have experienced the mystery, magic and the multitude of moods that monsoon evokes, be it romance, melancholy, happiness or nostalgia.
The rains have always been an integral part of Malayalam films too. Even the current crop of directors, including Ranjith Sankar, Anil Radhakrishnan Menon and Sidhartha Siva, admit that they eagerly wait for the arrival of the monsoon to capture the rains of their movies.
Sidhartha, who has halted the shoot of his Kunchacko Boban-starrer Kochavva Paulo Ayyappa Coelho till this year’s monsoon, tells us, “We completed a few schedules of the movie during summer. We have been waiting for the monsoon to arrive to film the rest. The rains have an integral role in the movie, and so we have planned the schedules accordingly.”
Even the intermittent summer showers, which served as a prelude to the monsoons, were incorporated by filmmakers to enhance the mood of their films.
Director Kalavoor Ravikumar, who is currently filming Kuttikalundu Sookshikuka in Kochi, says, “We were shooting some of the suspense scenes at Kulamavu in Idukki, when it started raining. Though it came as an uninvited visitor, the rains actually helped add an air of mystery to the scenes.”
As the monsoons hit Kerala, Trivandrum Times takes a stroll through some of the iconic rain-soaked movies of M-town.
Ennu Ninte Moideen (2015) Entwining eternal love in timeless rain
The different moods of the movie are perfectly synced with the emotions that rain evokes. The rains are present in every scene – as mist, drizzle and downpour. It rains as they fall in love, when Kanchanamala grieves over her love, and manifests in all its terrifying glory as it takes Moideen away from her.
MAZHA (2000) Exploring the music inherent in rain
Lenin Rajendran magically captures the invincible thread that connects rain, love and music in this film. The rain-drenched visuals and songs
reflect its female protagonist Bhadra’s (Samyuktha Varma) emotions as she traverses love and loss in her life.
Beautiful (2011) Exemplifying sensual allure
Once again rain was used to bring out the emotions of love, lust and loss. Director V K Prakash also pays tribute to Padmarajan’s Clara and evokes nostalgia by having it rain when Anjali (Meghana Raj) appears on-screen. Rain also plays a pivotal role when the friendship of Stephen (Jayasurya) and John (Anoop Menon) is forged.
Thoovanathumbikal (1987) Signifying the yearning for the unattainable monsoon casts

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monsoon casts No female character has been able to enter the space reserved for Clara in the minds of Malayalis, even after 30 years, thanks to Padamarajan’s strategic use of the rains whenever she arrives on screen. For many, Clara still remains the eternal synonym of beauty and desire.
Vyshali (1988) Harbinger of happiness and heartbreak
The anticipation of rain throughout the film Vyshali is rewarded by the downpour in the final scene of the movie. It’s the need for rain that drives the movie. In the end when it starts drizzling, everybody is overjoyed but for Vyshali, the rain becomes the symbol of her broken heart.
Perumazhakkalam (2004) Witness to a woman’s undying resolve
When the whole world shuts its eyes towards Raziya’s (Meera Jasmine) plight, it is the rain in the backdrop that embraces and emboldens her. For the audience, the rain signifies Raziya’s tears and resonates her emotions.

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