My Life Partner Movie Review

My Life Partner Movie Review

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My Life Partner Movie Review

My Life Partner Movie Review: Well the courage and boldness shown in selecting the subject of gay relationship deserves a big round of applause. Apart from that, the film is a worthy watch for the presentation of the content as well as the genuineness in the treatment of the sensitive subject without giving any loose ends for a controversial discussion.

“My Life Partner” directed by M.B.Padmakumar won the second best feature film of Kerala 2014 and also has Sudev Nair sharing the best actor award with another actor.

Richard and Kiran are the two male friends. They come from an altogether different cultural background. When Kiran was going through a turbulent patch of his life, the care and support provided by Richard comes in handy as this love and care brought Kiran back to life.

They soon realize that if both of them care and love each other to this extent, they don’t need a woman in their life and decide to start living together. Situations and their life change once they decided to have a baby in their life not by adoption which Indian law doesn’t allow for a man to do so. The plan was to get Richard who is a bisexual marry and have a child.

Utmost care needs to be taken in the way subjects of this sensitivity is being handled and I should say the director who is a debutant has shown good level of maturity in dealing with it. More than the sexual relationship, its the emotional attachment and bonding between the two that are given focus.

There are chances the plot and dialogues might look indigestible and unnatural and at the same time giving a feel of embarrassment and awkwardness to the people watching it. That never happens which is a sign of the good work from Padmakumar as a director who is also the script writer of this film.

The film try to show that people who share the same feeling of attraction towards the same gender like the way the two protagonists Richard and Kiran share deserve a space in this society which look upon them as different species.

Contradictory to this approach, when the Phycologist character of Sukanya appear and counsel one of the pair, there is a tendency to show that there is some unnatural element against the nature in the relationships between same gender couples. So I think there is an attempt to support both the sides.

Though Prithviraj has done a gay character in Mumbai Police which they revealed in a single scene towards the end, it will be hard to find mainstream actors to do the roles enacted by Sudev Nair and Ameer Niyaz.

Both of them played it as per the requirements and out of which Sudev going one step further in portraying the character of Kiran look real and more convincing. Anusree, Sukanya, Valsala Menon and Geetha Vijayan are also part of the supporting cast. Bijipal’s background score was apt and cuts by Sandeep Nandakumar were not bad either along with decent camera work.

Overall for its bold content and the way the delicate and sensitive subject was handled without creating any controversy of sorts, M.B.Padmakumar’s My Life Partner is a good attempt in Mollywood breaking from the orthodox set up in terms of the subject. I am going with three and a half out of five as my personal rating for this film.

Rating – 3.5 / 5