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Oozham Movie Review

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Post Drishyam, the biggest challenge before director Jeethu Joseph is of quenching the expectations of the audience. Irrespective of the genre, audience expect a thriller with suspense and unexpected twists in his movies. So the director is forced to make statements clarifying what the audience can expect from each of his release. This happened in Life of Josootty and also for his latest release Oozham wherein he had to make it clear that there is no suspense and heavy twist in the film and the film belong to a different genre than Drishyam.

Oozham is more of a revenge drama than a suspense thriller with the familiar cliches that we normally come across in movies of this type. But the presentation and how the movie is built or constructed by Jeethu and his screenplay makes it a pretty nice movie good for a watch.

Krishnamoorthy is a Health Inspector and he is settled in Coimbatore with his family consisting of his wife, daughter and adopted son. His elder son Soorya is employed in US and he is an expert in Controlled Explosion, something which is not that popular in this part of the world. Its nothing but destroying old buildings after their life and conditions have become unsafe for a living. An unexpected turn of events affect the existence of Krishnamoorthy’s family and Oozham shows the investigation by Soorya to find the perpetrators responsible for destroying his family and subsequently taking revenge.

The movie begins with the happenings inside this small family and showing the deep bond they share. Then we are shown a group of goons hunting down Soorya and at the same time a parallel narration where the protagonist along with his brother and fiancee looking for the whereabouts of the criminals and doing the revenge part is also part of the storytelling.

Jeethu on his part ensured that even though the story lacks any freshness, the execution side doesn’t go waywardly by smartly showing the revenge part with little bit of twist to make the movie in a safe zone. The director has a knack of handling suspense films and thrillers and uses that skill here to portray a familiar story land safely without any sort of roadblocks.

Prithviraj plays the character Soorya very smartly. Actually the role is nothing new for him as we have seen him doing this angry young man character in some of his past movies. Oozham’s character is just an extension of those. Neeraj Madhav as Ajmal, adopted son of the family was notable while Divya Pillai as Gayathri, the female lead also did her part. Rasna played the sister character to Prithviraj and she was quite impressive.

V.Jayaprakash, the pharmaceutical giant and villain was a correct choice for the role but it would have been better had he dubbed himself. Pasupathy appear as an aid to the villain and it was a clean act from the actor. Balachandra Menon, Irshad and Anson Paul did their small roles effectively as per the demands of the character.

Visuals from the camera department were pleasing for the eyes. The usual way of cinematography in previous Jeethu Joseph’s movies like using lot of aerial shots are there in Oozham too and they added in giving a different dimension to this area. Edits were okay while the music department had done their job on the songs part. Background score was quite impressive suitable for a film of this genre in giving that extra punch.

This is no Drishyam or Memories. If you accept that fact and goes to watch the film with lesser expectation, I am sure you would find Oozham an engaging movie without any boredom or uneasiness.

Rating – 3 / 5

by Chandra Mohan Gopinath

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