Paavada Movie Review - Neat family entertainer
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Paavada Movie Review – Neat family entertainer

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Paavada Movie Review – Neat family entertainer – Rating 3/5

Paavada Movie Review – Neat family entertainer: Paavada is a neat family entertainer

The upcoming superstar Prithviraj has proved once more that he has no intentions of pulling back from his victorious ride at the box office. With 4 continous movies and his first movie of this year Paavada, directed by G Marthandan is a neat family entertainer. Paavad is an equilubruim of stunning performances and a well written script. With the support of immense response he was able to gather from the previous year’s commercial blockbusters, this time Prithviraj went for a totally different plot and characterisation, and it to strike chords with the viewers.

The Protogonist ‘Pampu Joy’ played by Prithviraj, is an alchoholic and like a jack-of-all-trades type of guy. Even though, he is irresponsible and arrogant to certain extend, the man has a reputation of a philanthropist and he enjoys some intense relationships with various people around him. The movie takes a turn when his path crosses with that of Babu Joseph, played by Anoop Menon, who took voluntary retirement from teaching and lives a recluse life. The men’s destinies interact with each other and change accordingly, and that constitutes the rest of the story.

Paavada belongs to Prithviraj as an actor and Bipin Chandran as the screenwriter. While Ranjith’s Spirit, which can be considered as a predecessor, was largely character driven, Paavada is event driven. Scribe Bipin Chandran has packed the movie with back-to-back events to keep the viewers hooked. Prithviraj floats through these events effortlessly, without affecting the rhythm. The character Pampu Joy clearly marks his claim as a total actor who can perform everything required by a mass entertainer. He loves, he sings, he dances, he fights, he protects and most of all, he entertains.

Anoop Menon and Maniyan Pilla Raju support Prithviraj’s Pampu Joy wholeheartedly and their combinational scenes are hilarious. Miya and Asha Sharath also deserve a special mention. Asha Sharath is back in town with electrifying looks and performance.

Pradeep Nair’s cinematography has well captured the rustic beauty of Thodupuzha. Aby Tom Syriac’s tunes are peppy and fresh. “Karuthakadalinte Koodanu” sung by actor Jayasurya stands out among the songs. G Marthandan seems to have reinvented the filmmaker in him with this family entertainer that offers something for everyone who steps into the theater. Paavada is for all!

Rating 3/5