Prithvirajs Karnan With A Massive Star Cast

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Prithvirajs Karnan With A Massive Star Cast

Prithviraj and RS Vimal are all excited about their dream project Karnan. The duo is busy with the production activities of the movie and is trying to rope in the best star cast possible. Karnan will feature an ensemble star cast, including the actors from Bollywood, Tamil and Telugu industries. Rumour mills suggest that some prominent stars, including Prakashraj, are already in talks for the project. The movie will be a multi-lingual, which will be simultaneously made in Malayalam, Tamil, and Hindi languages. Director RS Vimal has stated that Karnan will be a movie of international standards. Baahubali cinematographer KK Senthil Kumar has been roped in as the director of photography of Karnan. Most popular technicians of Indian cinema are expected to associate with the movie.

Prithviraj essays the title character Karnan in the movie narrates which the inner conflicts of the great warrior. It also portrays his strained relationship with the estranged mother Kunthi and siblings. Meanwhile, Mammootty is also playing Karnan in the movie, directed by actor Madhupal and penned by P Sreekumar. Reportedly, the Mammootty project narrates the old age and last days of Karnan


RS vimal and prathvi
RS vimal and prathvi

The budget won’t be a constraint for a Bahubali-like magnum opus in Malayalam from the Prithviraj and R.S. Vimal team, who had a smashi hit with Ennu Ninte Moideen.

A Dubai-based producer promised an unlimited budget for the epic movie Karnan at Friday night’s Burj Al Arab unveiling of the first look of the “biggest and most expensive Malayalam movie to be made”.

“This is like a dream come true for us,” Prithviraj said, lauding the confidence the producer K.P. Venu bestowed on the project. However, he said he would not wish the film to be known in future for its budget, but its quality.

“We are looking at an export-quality product from the Malayalam industry which will have its footprint in world cinema,” he said, adding that the team is aiming at multiple language releases.

The first look of the movie featured Prithviraj sporting long hair and moustache in a horse-drawn chariot as Karnan, a central character in Indian epic Mahabharata.

Fans will be in for a treat with Bahubali-like visuals as cinematographer K.K. Senthil Kumar will be the director of photography for Karnan.

Terming the launch of Karnan as the second best moment in his life after Moideen’s release for which he had to struggle for six years, Vimal said it was a Dubai visit that became the turning point in the decision making on Karnan. He thanked Dubai-based Dr. T.C. Satish and Kuttu Sivanandan for paving the way for a meeting with the producer who shared a keen interest on the subject of the movie. “Coincidentally, we both had just finished reading a book on Karnan when we discussed the topic,” he said.

Terming reports of Rs50crore budget for the movie as rumours, producer Venu said he was willing to spend whatever it takes to make a movie that will release in over 2000 screens. The movie is still in the scripting stage and details of the casting and shoot have not yet been decided upon. The event also saw the launch of Venu’s production house Kavya Films and featured performances by actress and classical dancer Lakshmi Gopalaswamy and local artistes.