Should Rajinikanth Continue Playing His Age After ‘2.O’?

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Should Rajinikanth Continue Playing His Age After ‘2.O’?

With 22 Million views and more than 400K likes on YouTube, the teaser of Rajinikanth’s upcoming film Kabali is a rage online. Now, it is a known fact that the 1 minute 6 second video went on to become one of Asia’s highest viewed teasers, because of the his factor.

But what about his that has made this teaser extra special? Why did some of his previous flicks, say Lingaa for example did not achieve such a feat? Perhaps, the answer lies in Rajinikanth’s looks. Yes, superstar’s new get-up in the movie has been the talk of the town, ever since the first look poster was released. May be, playing his age in Kabali has grabbed more eye balls than usual. his too, looks fabulous, playing an aged don. So, should he consider doing the same in all his upcoming films barring Shankar’s 2.O? Should he continue playing his age? Have your say at the comment box below.

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