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Randeep Hooda Hospitalised, Collapsed On The Sets Of Salman Khan’s Sultan!

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Randeep Hooda Hospitalised, Collapsed On The Sets Of Salman Khan’s Sultan!

Randeep Hooda, who is currently shooting for Salman Khan starrer Sultan, collapsed on the sets due to an acute case of Appendicitis. The actor, was immediately rushed to the hospital and is undergoing treatment for the same. It is reported that Salman Khan, had advised Randeep Hooda to visit the doctor regarding the pain, but he did not take it much into consideration. The actor, experienced pain initially but chose to ignore it, assuming it is normal and would go away in a few days.

The actor, used antibiotics hoping the pain would reduce. However, things turned drastic when the pain increased and Randeep Hooda, fainted while shooting for Sultan.

Randeep Hooda, has been admitted at Fortis Hospital in New Delhi and would undergo a surgery later in the evening. Sultan, is taking a toll on the actors health, as the movie demands intense workouts and excercises which is normally not practiced by people. Even Salman Khan, had complained about severe bodyaches due to intesive workout regime for Sultan. Salman, also had to gain and shed weight in a jiffy risking his health in the process. Randeep Hooda, plays the role of a wrestling coach in Sultan, and obviously, he needs to be much more fitter and better than Salman Khan himself. Salman Khan, in several interviews expressed his pain while shooting for Sultan and was quoted as saying, “In Sultan, I am a wrestler who goes into MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). It’s a different league of fitness. I have been training for the past five days and my head, back and knee are hurting. Everything is hurting, actually.” We wish Randeep Hooda a speedy recovery, and hope he gets alright at the earliest!