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Tamil stars beat the heat

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Tamil stars beat the heat

The temperature sure is soaring, and being outdoors is almost an ordeal. Yet, there are many who work in the scorching sun, far away from the comfort of an air-conditioned office, including our Kollywood stars. While some sip on coconut water and buttermilk to cool them down, others are chomping down delicious watermelon which is in season now. We speak to a few of our stars to find out how they are beating the heat this summer.
I stay hydrated at all times— Arun VijayArun Vijay
I have been shooting outdoors continuously. We recently shot a long sequence for Arivazhagan sir’s upcoming film, at a dump yard in OMR. We put up a tent and we made it a point to stay hydrated with water. Though I love watermelons, I cannot eat too much of it because of its sugar content. I can have buttermilk, but that has to be well-diluted with water. It is quite hot and I keeping myself dry during the scenes is quite a task. Drinking loads of water is the key to beat the heat.
I rely on tender coconut water- — Janani Iyerjanani iyer
I am currently shooting for Thollaikatchi in Kumbakonam. It’s crazy hot here, and we have been shooting outdoors all day. First thing in the morning, before we shoot, I drink an entire bottle of tender coconut water, and then apply sun screen for my skin. It’s very important to keep the body hydrated, so I make sure I have either watermelon juice or buttermilk at regular intervals. I desperately want to take a vacation, but I am shooting films back-to-back.
I avoid eating non-vegetarian-— Hansika

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Hansika Motwani
I am the kind of person who can deal with the heat, but not the cold. Keeping yourself hydrated is very important. I have a lot of water and keep a lot of ice bags next to me. I try to avoid eating non-vegetarian food, as the meat can generate a lot of body heat. I make sure I eat a lot of vegetables, too. I will be going on a vacation only in June or July, as I am busy shooting for my film now.
I have no choice but to brave it-— Karunakaran
It is already so hot, so imagine how May will be? After shoot, the only thing all of us discuss on the set is about how to deal with the heat. My current films are being canned outdoors, so unfortunately I have no choice but to brave it. I have heard that Sathyaraj sir takes a break during summer to avoid shooting in the heat. I want to do that, too. Munching on watermelons or drinking tender coconut water and buttermilk is what normally keeps me cool.
I always wear sunglasses when I am outside— Nikki Galrani

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Nikki Galrani

We don’t have any other option, except to shoot under the sun and tolerate the heat. I make it a point to always use sunscreen, drink a lot of glucose at regular intervals, and eat fruits. I always use sunglasses when I go out, as our eyes are the most sensitive to heat. I also try and wear only light-coloured, cotton outfits, as they absorb less heat.
I try and stay positive — Vijay Antony

Vijay Antony

I don’t pay heed to the fact there is an actual heat wave or that it is summer, especially when I am working. Even recently, I shot for a scene in Pondicherry, that too, in the middle of the sea. It sure was hot, and we couldn’t even find any kind of shelter to gain some respite from the sun. I am not worried about my health…according it me, it is about how strong we are at heart. If we are positive, nothing can affect us. So, I try and stay positive. I am not following any special diet for summer. My food habits are restrictive, but I do have days when I eat what I feel like, like rice or idli, without any restrictions. I prefer taking things as they come.