Vetrivel Tamil Movie Review

Vetrivel Tamil Movie Review

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Vetrivel Tamil Movie Review

Sasikumar’s movies are built around a similar platform narrating stories that have a village flavour in it. In his latest flick Vetrivel too, the backdrop chosen is pretty much the same with a predictable but watchable plot that gets unfolded in rural Tamilnadu. There are plenty of colourful songs, some action, sentiments, emotion, love and little drama in the end in the right proportion to make the film a watchable one.
The format is something which is tested innumerable times and from the way the story goes about , its an easy guessing game as far as the whole plot is concerned. But director Vasanthamani has packaged the film in an effective way to make sure the film is not a total washout.
Vetri played by Sasikumar is a happy go lucky guy. He has a younger brother Saravanan who is in love with daughter of Rajamanikkam. Vetri himself is in love with Janani but due to some reasons they could not propose to each other.
When Rajamanikkam disagree to the proposal of Vetri’s family for his daughter, the brothers decide to kidnap the girl that doesn’t go according to their plans landing the duo in trouble. All the resulting incidents as a result of this kidnap form the basic thread in rest of the storyline of this film.
As I said, there is no amount of freshness in the story and how it is conveyed. The thing that has helped the film to land in a safe zone is definitely the way it is packaged by the debutant director even though the format is something we are very much familiar.
Screenplay has some smartly written moments with good characterization of various roles. Cliched but enjoyable humour has also helped to keep things moving. Blending of the story with the introduction of Nadodikal added icing to cake and helped the flow of the film. Credits to the screenplay and the execution for a smart mixing of this part with the story.
D.Imman has given some good songs in folklore genre suiting the backdrop of the story. Same way the background score was also fine. Songs though were tuned well, they were little more on the number side that only helped in increasing the running time by at least twenty minutes or so. Also it affected the overall flowness though the impact was less.
For Sasikumar, the mannerisms and behaviour of Vetri was not a new thing for the actor which was moulded on similar lines of some of his past roles. I am not a great admirer of his acting and my opinion is still the same after watching Vetrivel. Prabhu played the role of Rajamanikkam with fineness giving his trademark touch to it. Illavarasu with a matured act as father to Vetrivel was also able make his presence count. Thamby Ramaiah in his usual style gave the finishing touch quite well on the comedy side. Ananth Nag as Saravanan was okay.
Coming to the leading ladies, we have couple of them in the film with both hailing from Mollywood. Nikhila Vimal who made a fine debut in Love 24×7 had a notable presence with her charm and innocent expressions though she had very little to talk. Whatever she had on the dialogue side was nicely delivered in her own voice too. Miya George is the other heroine playing the role of Janani, our hero’s love interest. She also was effective but it was a small role that gets vanished at some point.
Overall, the film can be called as an old wine filled in an old bottle. An average film with an engaging feel in it, Vetrivel is not a disappointing product.

Rating – 2.5 / 5

Review By: Chandra Mohan