Vinay opens up about his experience as 'Vimal Sir'

Vinay opens up about his experience as ‘Vimal Sir’

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Vinay opens up about his experience as ‘Vimal Sir’

Vinay opens up about his experience as ‘Vimal Sir’ : Watching ‘Premam’, the audience were delighted to see Vinay Forrt as ‘Vimal Sir’. Before that they didn’t believed that, Vinay will be able to do such light roles or simply make the viewers laugh at his mannerisms. Yes, ‘Vimal Sir’ was one of the highlight of the movie ‘Premam’ and ‘Vinay’ was very successful in bringing his character to the audience.

Vinay had a brief appearance in the Shyamaprasad movie ‘Ritu’. But, his role ‘Jamal’ had that ambience, which made the movie lovers to notice him. But, Vinay’s journey as an actor has started long before. While pursuing his degree, he was also active as a theatre artist. He worked with the ‘Lokadharmi Theatre’. But his dreams were not limited to this much. This he proved by joining Film and Television Institute of India in Pune for Post Graduation.

Soon after his graduation from Pune Film Institute, Vinay was lucky to have an entry into the movie industry through ‘Ritu’. Ritu was a movie, which celebrated the youth. Along with Vinay, Nishan, Asif Ali and Rima Kallingal had their debut appearance in this movie. The movie was well received among the young generation and so Vinay too…

Though, ‘Ritu’ was his debut movie, Vinay’s real challenge was yet to come. Vinay was eagerly waiting to prove his calibre, when ‘Apoorvaragam’ happened. When the poster of the movie got released, the two heroes – Asif and Nishan along with the heroine ‘Nithya Menon’ was visible. But there was a person, whose face was hidden by a mask. People were eager to know the third person. Like the story of the poster, the movie itself presented a surprise – that was Vinay.

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Vinay’s role as a timid and silent Narayanan and his transformation into a very cunning and cruel Narayanan was amazing. He proved himself as an actor of substance. ‘Apoorvaragam’ happened in 2010 and in the same year, Vinay enacted in few other movies like Anwar, Kadaksham and Blue Berry Hunt. Vinay was lucky enough to join hands with Naseeruddin Shah in the bilingual movie (Hindi and English) ‘The Blueberry Hunt’.

In 2011 also, Vinay had handfull of projects like Veettilekkulla Vazhi, Kanakombathu, Karmayogi and Navagatharkku Swagatham. In the Dr. Biju movie ‘Veettilekkulla Vazhi’, Vinay did the role of a terrorist. ‘Karmayogi’ was the Malayalam adaptation of Shakespeare Drama ‘Hamlet’. The movie was directed by V K Prakash and Indrajith was the lead hero. Vinay did the role of a character known as ‘Kooman’.

There will be some amazing eras in every artists life. The year 2012 was such a period for Vinay. Some of his highly acclaimed projects like Prabhuvinte Makkal, Theevram, Da Thadiya and Shutter got released on this year. ‘Prabhuvinte Makkal’ was a movie, which, though had good theme and message, got rejected from the box office. Vinay did the role of a young man, who was always drawn towards spirituality and who later realizes the realities of life.

‘Theevram’ was the movie, which saw the delightful performance of Dulquer Salmaan and Sreenivasan. Vinay also had a prominent place in the success of the movie. Vinay did the role of a bold police officer, who always gave a moral support to his senior officer, done by Sreenivasan. ‘Shutter’ was also a movie, which utilized the real calibre of Vinay.

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Vinay’s growth into an actor was sudden. He got busy with many promising projects. His performances in the movies 7th Day and How Old Are You, proved that he is to stay here. His other movies Manglish, Masala Republic, Seconds etc were there to tell us that, Vinay has already created his own space in the industry.

‘Premam’ was one of the much awaited movie of Alphonse Putheran. When, it got released, apart from George, Malar, Mary and Celine, another character, who got more likes in the theatre was none other than ‘Vimal Sir’. His dialogues ‘Java is simple and powerful’, was received in the theatres with huge claps. Along with ‘Premam’, Rasputin and Urumbukal Urangaarilla are his other movies released in 2015. Now, Vinay is going to enact in a lead role in the movie ‘Godse’.

Vinay is an actor, who with his excellency and hardwork has achieved his dream of becoming an actor. Luck was not the only thing, which helped him to gain this prosperity. He is not a person, who had got every support and strength for getting into the cine world. He got an opening once and it is his ability that he never missed the chances on his way. Vinay is from Fort Kochi. His parents are Mani and Sujatha. Recently, he got married to Soumya Ravi.