Gauthamante Radham Movie Review

Gauthamante Radham Movie Review

Critic’s Rating: 2.5/5

Story: Gauthamande Radham revolves around how the protagonist nurtures a dream of buying a car, and how it takes him through a mesh of experiences in life.

Review: Gauthamande Radham has actor Neeraj Madhav essaying the titular character, and how his entire life revolves around realising his dream of owning a car. As he gets one step closer to his dream, his parents (played by Renji Panicker and Devi Ajith), who belong to a middle-class family settles for something lesser than what he envisions, leaving him disappointed. Though he is often mocked by his friends, the car that his father manages to afford takes him through life’s experiences.

Whether this ride of his would turn into one that is full of fun or would drift towards the worse is what forms the rest of the story. Through the journey, he goes through many ups and downs, and the profound lesson it teaches him about life is what stands out.

Neeraj Madhav has managed to give justice to this slice-of-life film through his performance. Director Basil Joseph acts as the protagonist’s best friend Venkidi and helps showcase their camaraderie well onscreen. However, it is Gauthaman’s relationship with his grandmother, essayed by veteran actress Valsala Menon that takes the cherry. Actor Biju Sopanam too makes his presence felt as Shibu aashan. Actress Punya Elizabeth, who made her debut with Thobama performs with ease and her screen presence is worth mentioning.

The tracks composed by Ankit Menon are melodious, with prominent singers Sooraj Santhosh, Gowry Lekshmi and Sid Sriram lending their voice.

The film, directed by Anand Menon, has surreal visuals and brings out the importance of looking out for the simple joys of life. Though it is an earnest effort, based on the significance of fostering values, a more heart-warming storyline could have given a few more good moments of takeaway.