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Critic’s Rating: 3.5/5

Mohanlal Story: For Malayalis, actor Mohanlal fondly known as Lalettan is a feeling or ‘vikaram’. Be it youngsters or any middle-aged people. Meenukutty was born on the same day Mohanlal made his debut in Manjil Virinja Pookal. The film is about how a little girl’s fandom turned to become her life.

Mohanlal Review: When Sethu Madhavan (Indrajith Sukumaran) who has boundless love for his wife Meenakshi (Manju Warrier), asks her where she wants to go for their honeymoon, she says Varikkasseri Mana. Such is her fandom for Mohanlal.

The film, directed by Sajid Yahiya, revolves around the life of Meenakshi aka Meenukutty, a hard-core fan of Mohanlal.

Watching it one could also call it as a reflection of the life of a Mohanlal fan. Though at times the audience feel that her love reaches the heights of craziness, as Meenukutty connects everything from character names to situations from Mohanlal’s film in her everyday life, it mirrors how a fan views his or her favourite star.

Actress Manju Warrier makes a mass entry as the Lalettan fan, who watches his films first day first show, complete with a RayBan glasses.
The first half delves into Meenu’s life as a Mohanlal fan, in the growing stages during her childhood. Soon Meenukutty finds her love Sethu, her childhood friend, and marries him. Her fandom and frenzy though makes life miserable for others and starts affecting their marital life as well.

The story picks momentum in the second half when Sethu gets transferred to a new place. New characters such as Sathan Jose (Salim Kumar), Aluva Aamod (Aju Varghese), Biju Kuttan (a representative of Mohanlal fans association) enter with many laugh-out-loud moments. Unexpected events soon happen and how they cross the hurdle forms the rest of the plot.

Though we have come across many crazy-fan stories, Sajid Yahiya as a director has woven a simple yet powerful life of a Malayali fan through Mohanlal. Feeling it honoured to own a notebook with the photo bind of the actor to getting enraged to those who speak ill of the actor are the antics a Lalettan fan would relate to through the film.

Manju as an actress though overdoes her part in the the first half. In the second half though she communicates beautifully the passion Meenukutty has towards her star. She proves that passage of time has not affected her acting style, as the chirpiness and comic stints of Meenukutty will remind one about her role Abhirami in ‘Summer in Bethlehem’. Meanwhile, Indrajith as a loving and a persistent husband also supports Manju’s role.

The humour department of the film is safe in the hands of Soubin Sahir, Salim Kumar,Hareesh Perumanna, Aju Varghese and Biju Kuttan with situational comedies which one could connect. Tony Joseph music and Prakash Alex’s apt background score are worth a mention as they have even added flavour to the film.

The second half though is drags a bit with unwanted roles, which the director could have avoided. Though Meenu was a portrayal of a girl, who was deeply influenced by Mohanlal’s onscreen persona, the first half felt little dramatic.

If you are in the mood for some rib-tickling comedy and a feel-good movie, Mohanlal is a good bet.


‘Mohanlal’: Five reasons to watch Manju Warrier’s Mohanlal

1) Manju Warrier as a Mohanlal fan
The film is about Meenukutty, a hardcore Mohanlal fan played by Manju Warrier. Meenukutty was born on the same day when the Mollywood superstar appeared for the first time on the silver screens across Kerala, through the iconic movie Manjil Virinja Pookal. Indrajith plays her husband Sahadevan. With impressive trailers and teasers portraying the fandom of Meenukutty, the film has gained a lot of attention.
2) A film about Mohanlal fans
Yes, the film will be a much-awaited movie for the Lalettan fans out there. In the teasers actress Manju Warrier can be seen trying her hand at Mohanlal’s signature walking style and also essaying the role of a diehard fan of the actor. The film’s latest song, a fan anthem ‘Changalla Changidipaane’ shows the affection and craziness of fans.
3) Accused of plagiarism
The film had faced allegations of plagiarism after a petition was filed by scriptwriter Kalavoor Ravikumar claiming that the movie was inspired by his short story, Mohanlaline Enikippol Bhayankara Pediyanu, published in 2005. Following his petition the Thrissur Fast Track Court on Wednesday stayed the release of the film. But later the case was settled and the decks have been cleared for the film to release on the planned date itself.

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4) Prarthana croons a song
Actors Indrajith Sukumaran and Poornima’s daughter Prarthana croons the title track of the movie. The song Lal La Lalettaa… written by Manu Manjith and composed by Tony Joseph has become a hit on the social media with the charming cuteness of the little singer an added attraction. Prarthana made her singing debut through the song Ko Ko Kozhi for Mammootty starrer The Great Father.
5) An ensemble cast
Actors Manju Warrier and Indrajith who were seen together in Vettah earlier, will team up again in Mohanlal. Apart from them the film will see a cast of more than 50 actors including KPAC Lalitha, Soubin Sahir, Salim Kumar, Aju Varghese, Siddique and Sreejith Ravi.