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Panchavarna Thatha movie review : The thatha doesn’t take off

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Panchavarna Thatha movie review: The thatha doesn’t take off

Panchavarna Thatha movie review: The thatha doesn’t take off


Cast: Jayaram, Kunchacko Boban, Anusree, Dharmajan, Mallika Sukumaran, Salim Kumar, Asokan
Director: Ramesh Pisharody

A nameless man with unique characteristics, birds, animals, lot of humour and a few emotional sequences – one can summarise the movie Panchavarna Thatha this way. The movie begins with a wedding scene where ear crackling DJ music goes on among audience, who least appreciate it. A portrayal of certain out of place events happening in our wedding receptions these days; also it is where the lead character played by Jayaram is introduced. It is followed by a chain of such events that try to tickle our funny bone, but fail to do so in most points.

It takes one a while to get the hang of the story. By then one realises it, the interest is lost. Of course, humour makes a movie feel light and it works for most of the viewers. But, it should be a natural progression, without hamper the flaw of the plot. Panchavarna Thatha has an interesting thread and a central character who upholds ideologies such as ‘no religion for people’, but they have lost their beauty in execution. Too much noise drifts the viewer away from the actual story that sinks in viewers’ mind towards the end. Had it been edited well, removing all those extra ‘funny’ sequences, it could have been a better visual experience. However, one should really appreciate the observation skills of Pisharody. The movie is a testimony to it. It keeps reminding us of his stage performances. Also, he has tried to maintain decency in most of the jokes.

Jayaram’s get up is quirky and he has done justice to the character. It is after a while he is donning a different get up. Kunchako, who appears as politician Kalesh and Anusree as his wife Chithra enhance the story. Another interesting element of Panchavarna thatha are the pets featured in it. Songs, except the Panchavarna thatha song, are not so pleasing. Is it a social satire or drama? One has to figure out.