Pinneyum Movie Review

Pinneyum Movie Review

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Before moving on to express my viewpoints, there are two special things connected with Pinneyum, from renowned director Adoor Gopalakrishnan. First and foremost, this is the first chance that I am getting to review a film that has the golden touch of the man who is regarded as one of the finest directors of India. Secondly, this is my first experience watching his film in theatres that too a first day first show. Of course, I had little memories of watching Anantaram his fifth film in cinemas, but that happened way back; twenty nine years down the lane, to be precise.

Now coming to Pinneyum, which is Adoor’s twelfth movie of his illustrious and glittering career, the film gave a beautiful feel dwelling upon the importance of relationships, family life, love, romance and greed for money. A movie sans any noise is a welcome relief these days as Pinneyum is a typical Adoor Gopalakrishnan film with little mix of some commercial elements as well that has a family oriented subject as its backbone.

I could sense the story partially inspired from a real incident which I cannot reveal. So basically the story has in it focused on Purushothaman Nair, his wife Devi and their six year old daughter. Purushothaman’s father-in-law, his brother-in-law and Devi’s uncle also has some role to play in this family oriented subject. The protagonist here is jobless inspite of several attempts attending various interview and this situation leads to unhappiness in his marital life. Pinneyum move on based on this situation.

The treatment and how the plot is narrated is in typical AGK style without much noise and pace. A slow treatment with gradual build up takes some important turn towards the halfway mark. There are nothing in the film that can stake a claim to be a new generation thing as the director has adopted a conventional method and style which he is famous for without any melodrama.

There are very limited characters in Pinneyum but each one of them has been sketched out well in the screenplay. Even some characters like that of Nandu who just appear in a single scene gets adequate importance in the totality of plot. The one area where I was a little disappointed was on the dialogues side which was a bit dramatic and sounded less natural especially after the post intermission session between Devi and her husband. May be it happened because of the way it was delivered by the actors. Whatever thats a small thing which can be ignored for other good things that the film offers.

Audience and critics often complain about the choice of films that Dileep makes that has little or no substance in them and is full of mass elements in it. Well here is the answer to it as the actor has chosen a role that has substance in it but ultimately in an AGK film, screenplay is the main hero which the director quite often reiterate. A controlled, matured and balanced act from the actor. Its not a heavy and challenging role but whatever he has done is as per the demands of the character.

Kavya Madhavan in her own voice played Devi to perfection showing that she has still got in her the ability to perform even after taking a break from films. As a wife and mother, she brought out different emotions to distinguish between two important roles in a women’s life after marriage.

Nedumudy Venu, Indrans and Vijayaraghavan supported with notable performances. KPAC Lalita, Srinda, Sudheer Karamana, Nandu, Ravi Vallathol and some of the familiar faces that we see in AGK’s films also find a place in the story.

Veteran and award winning cinematographer M.J.Radhakrishnan has wielded the camera with apt colour tone and frames suited for the story and background. Edits were fine. Bijipal has taken care of the BGM side with soulful and silent tunes that matches with the story and mood of each scene.

Pinneyum has the stamp of the director in every scene. But it is watchable for all provided you change and adjust the mindset expecting something that has nothing of the usual elements of a complete commercial entertainer, something which need not be stressed again since one who has closely followed the director’s track record would know it very well. I liked the film and Pinneyum was able to create a homely as well as haunting feel after watching it.

Rating – 3.5 / 5

by Chandra Mohan Gopinath

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