How did Shivagami become so powerful? What exactly made Bhallaladeva despise his younger brother?

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How did Shivagami become so powerful?, why did Bhallaladeva become so ruthless? What exactly made Bhallaladeva despise his younger brother?

All these questions will be explained in Bahubali Animated series directed by S S Rajamouli in collaboration with Graphic India and Arka media works. The series is set before Kalaleya invasion of the kingdom Mahishmati. The animated series will see an addition of close to 12 new characters. Each episode will introduce new character.

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‘Everything is from one single tree!’

Everything is from one single tree says Rajamouli, the animated series, the graphic novel are branches of the tree. The Bahubali epic has already been adopted into novel. The animated series revolve around two brothers, Baahubali and Bhallaladeva whereas the novel focus on life of Sivagami right from her childhood.

The follow-up of episodes is kept on hold for a month , Rajamouli says, ” I wanted to test the response to the first episode before going ahead wit the rest of the series”

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The rest of the novel of the Sivagami – trilogy are expected to be published in next six months.