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Sketch Movie Review: Vikram Shoulders This Usual Mass Entertainer With Elan!

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Sketch Movie Review: Vikram Shoulders This Usual Mass Entertainer With Elan! Sketch, starring Chiyaan Vikram in the lead role, is making a big release in the theatres today (January 12, 2018). The film, directed by young film-maker Vijay Chandar is high on expectations and the film is touted to be an action entertainer with a strong storyline.


The story of Sketch is set against the backdrop of North Chennai, which is also known as Vada Chennai. Sketch, whose real name is Jeeva, works under a financier named Sett. Sketch’s main job is to seize the vehicles of all those who don’t pay back the money on time. One day, he is assigned with a similar task, but it leads to a bit of troubles.

Vikram As Sketch

Well, it has to be said that Vikram is the life of this movie. It is a sheer pleasure to watch him pull off those mass sequences with utmost ease. The subtle variations that he has brought in while delivering the dialogues is also noteworthy. The style quotient of the actor is unmatchable and the effort that he is put in for the action sequences is quite evident. He, with his performance, assures that his fans won’t be left disappointed.

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Tamannaah As Amuthavalli

Well, Tamannaah’s role isn’t anything new as she gets to play a character, which is similar to many other characters that we have seen in the past. Her screen space is limited and her role hasn’t been developed in a proper manner.

Well, Sketch is one such kind of a film, which serves the needs of a mass entertainer. It follows all the templates of a usual mass entertainers, which is indeed a positive for the followers of this genre. As mentioned, the film has a decent storyline and it takes its own time to get to the main plot. The first half of the film is filled with some well-choreographed action sequences and mass moments, which are sure to keep you entertained.

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In fact, it is in the second half that the film enters the core plot, with a suspense element lingering out there, which works out pretty well, right till the end. At the same time, the romantic portions of the film fall flat and thus leaving the audiences, bored at portions. Above all, Sketch rides high on Vikram’s shoulders, with the actor in full form. His screen presence and effortless act do take the film to a higher level.