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Salman Khan And Anushka Sharma In Sultan
Salman Khan And Anushka Sharma In Sultan


One can complain about the almost close to three hour duration of the film as a pain. One can also say about some excess amount of melodrama acting as a roadblock in providing complete entertainment. But at the end of the day, what matters is whether the film is able to satisfy you and made you comfortable with its story and storytelling. Sultan does exactly that.

Salman Khan’s Eid bonanza for his fans and well-wishers turns out to be a decently told sports and drama film which in spite of its length manage to keep the audience engaged with its lively presentation and some notable performances. Its a film that has made the right choice of coming before the audience during a festive season and making it watchable for any class of audience.

Sultan begins with a board meeting of an Indian professional league of martial arts fight who are deeply concerned with the lukewarm response to their league for the last two seasons in India. For reviving the sport and the league, one of the board member decides to bring in an Indian touch to the fight by roping in Sultan Khan who is an Olympic Gold Medalist and former World Champion in the field of Wrestling.
They reach out to Sultan who has now stepped aside of the ring and is a pale shadow of the past. The film as a flashback mode dwell into the title protagonists’ past life and show us what happened to him to abandon the game that once he ruled like a king.

Salman Khan in his previous film Bajrangi Bhaijaan could emotionally connect with the audience and the same thing happen here in Sultan as well. The film has been given an emotional flavour right through as we instantly gets attached to Sultan and his mannerisms. The script does the rest though some lagging scenes act as a bottleneck. Some unbelievable moments also makes its presence through the backdoor. The style of Hindi spoken has flavour of Haryana that sometimes make it difficult to understand the completeness of dialogue. Subtitles would have definitely helped.
As I said, there were some unwanted scenes and chopping off those scenes would have definitely helped the cause in making the product here look more crispier. Anyway let’s leave aside that part. Director Ali Abbas Zafar who hasn’t been able to make something big in terms of success will definitely feel the taste of sweet as Sultan has in it that punch to go the extra mile.

Salman Khan in my opinion has a character that is a mix of humane as well as larger than life shade to it. Believe me, he has given his best shot as far as acting and also for the fights inside and outside of the ring is concerned. His efforts will surely yield results in the form of success at the box office. He shared a good on-screen chemistry with Anushka who also has put in lot of hard work to bring such finesse to her character which is not the usual Bollywood heroine that we normally see in a superstar and male dominated movie. It was a well performed acting display from the actress.
The guy who acted as Sultan’s friend and also the coach of hero also were notable with their good and simple acting. Randeep Hooda makes an extended cameo which in my opinion was not bad.

Cinematography looks pleasing to our eyes and is done very well and the songs had good punch and rhythm to it. Background score jelled and mixed in a very neat manner with the plot and each scene. Fights were orchestrated quite well with some standard touch in it creating adequate thrills.
Overall, a neat and clean entertainer is Sultan and is almost the exact recipe to satisfy the mood of festive audience. I enjoyed it and has no hesitation in giving three and a half out of five for Sultan.

Rating – 3.5 / 5

by Chandra Mohan Gopinath